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Philcon 2014

Philcon 2014 is on Guidebook!

We're happy to announce that Philcon 2014 now has a mobile guide on Guidebook! The guide includes schedules, maps, program participant biographies, and other information, all easily accessible from your mobile device. Supported devices include iPhone/iPod/iPad, Android 2.2+, Blackberry (via web), Windows Phone 7 (via web), and Kindle Fire.

If you already have the Guidebook app on your mobile device, you can simply search for "Philcon 2014" within the app to download the guide. Alternatively, there are several methods for obtaining the app:

  • The Guidebook app is available via the Apple, Android, and Amazon app stores. Then, within the app, you would tap "Download Guides" and search for "Philcon 2014"
  • Go to Philcon's personalized Guidebook landing page to request a download link be texted to your phone, and access instructions for multiple devices. 
  • Go to from your mobile device to download the app (for iOS, Android, or Kindle Fire), or access web-based version for other mobile devices (such as Blackberry and Windows Phone 7). 

Note: If you are installing the Guidebook app for the first time, when you open the app, you may see a screen suggesting that you "signup" or "create an account". This is not required, and can be bypassed by tapping the "skip" link in the lower right hand corner.

We hope you find this app a useful addition to your Philcon 2014 experience.